Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you and your clients with the newest, most unique, trend and basic(s) fashion jewellery at a great value.

What We Are About

You may know us as Mainline Fashions, C.O. International (US), or Clio-Oz (Canada) but regardless of the name, our focus is the same... FASHION. We're constantly exploring new directions, new dimensions – keeping ahead of what's hot, what's cool, and what's definitely neither.

For more than 20 years, we have been a leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of fashion jewelry and hair accessories across North America. Our wide range of clients include premier fashion retail chains and major department stores, covering a wide range of target groups with diverse style and price requirements.

Our Process

Our creative team includes international award-winning designers who are immersed in global fashion markets. We are a full service design studio: a team of model makers, sample makers and graphic design department. This allows us to create custom designs to promptly meet your specific needs, with no delay in receiving samples for style-outs, meetings, PR and marketing.

We're constantly exploring new directions and dimensions. Our success relies heavily on product development in close collaboration with our branded partners.

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Address: 42 Dufflaw Rd.,
Toronto, ON. M6A 2W1
Telephone: 416-368-1522
FAX: 416-368-4722